Cycling Sunday: Pedalling to the asparagus

Radln & Sporgln

As in previous years, the local innkeepers invite you to an extraordinary culinary cycling tour. On Sunday, the 19th of May 2019, cyclists can enjoy a very special service when going on the bike way from Siebeneich to Vilpian (or vice versa): at three different booths, eight caterers from the ‘asparagus triangle’ prepare Asparagus dishes and serve asparagus wine to their meals. It’s definitely a must go for all active aficionados. Additionally, you will learn all kinds of things worth knowing about this royal vegetable. On this Sunday, the ‘asparagus booths’ are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Additionally to the bike, it is easy to attend the event by using the local train from Bolzano to Merano. The three train stations to get off the train are Settequerce, Terlano, and Vilpiano.

For all information please contact the Tourist Office Terlan, Tel. +39 0471 257 165.



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