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Hotel Sparerhof has been around since 1957. In the small, charming town of Vilpiano the Inn has become a popular venue: locals enjoy great coffee at the bar, and numerous Tourists from in- and outside the country walk though our doors. Our restaurant, which is open only to inn guests during the wintertime, opens its doors for gourmets during the traditional “Spargelzeit”.

In our family restaurant guests can discover how the tasty and healthy asparagus can be easily combined. Either as main protagonist together with traditional ham and “Bozner-sauce” or as an enhancer of meat and fish – asparagus is always in the right place and seduces the palate with its unique taste.

For our guest this means asparagus indulgence on highest level, either in the romantic garden or in our traditional “Stube”. All our premises are arranged in order to assure a comfortable atmosphere, so that not only taste buds, but also feelings can be enhanced. Art and creativity is our leitmotif when crafting delicious menus in the kitchen, tasteful decoration, and the right flair.

Art is therefore not only present in the kitchen: Willy Sparer invites you to the exhibition "See" by Lars Klauser at the on-site art gallery Willy. The collection of important works from various periods of the artist underline the class of cuisine: gastronomy and art combine again in a sophisticated and unique way.

Opening hours

During the “Spargelzeit”, our doors are open daily for our precious guests. We are available upon reservation for business and larger groups. Reservations are welcome.

On Sundays, our restaurant is open for lunch only.

Contact information

Restaurant Sparerhof
Nalser Straße 2
39018 Vilpian
Tel. +39 0471 678671


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